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Tony Kunisch
General Manager

From Toledo, OH, Tony has been with Yark Automotive since 2003. His favorite part about working at Yark is the friendly, but competitive, atmosphere. In his free time, Tony enjoys spending time with his family, and cheering on the Detroit Lions. His favorite cars are 1960s-1970s muscle cars.

Bob Rogers
Sales Manager

From Toledo, OH, Bob loves playing golf, play chess, reading and going on nature walks with his wife. He is happy to be working with an up and coming dealership.

Bobby Jorgensen

From Ottawa Hills, OH, Bobby has been with Yark Automotive since 2021 and previously with Kistler for 17 years. He loves to golf and root on Michigan. His favorite thing about cars is driving them and really enjoys selling them.

Michelle Finfera
Service Manager

From Swanton, OH, Michelle loves the vast opportunities she gets with working in the automotive industry. Her favorite vehicle is the Lexus.

Dennis Bixler
Parts Manager

Tom Davies
Body Shop Manager

Annie Yensz
Body Shop Manager

From Akron, OH, Annie has been with Yark Automotive since 2021. Annie has an English Bulldog named Lola and a black cat named Jeffrey. They are best friends with each other and tolerate her and her husband. She chose her job field because she has always wanted to find a career that she could be proud of and working for people that have been in an accident and returning their vehicles looking beautiful is definitely something she is proud of. Annie loves to read, collect tattoos, spend time with her family and trying new restaurants. Her favorite car is one with a full tank of gas and a navigation system. And if that car happens to be an Audi Q5, all the better. Three words Annie's friends would use to describe her are funny, charismatic and thoughtful. She once won a trip to New Orleans off of a Pringles can. 



Scott Bickel
Sales Advisor

From Toledo, OH, Scott loves interacting with customers and really getting to know them to help with their vehicle needs. He enjoys boating and any outdoor activity. His favorite vehicle is the Aston Martin.

Aaron Byler
Sales Advisor

From Warren, OH, Aaron moved to Toledo to attend the University of Toledo and has been with Yark Automotive since 2021. Aaron has a beautiful wife and crazy fur balls for dogs, Jaxson and Lewie! He loves assisting customers into the vehicle they choose without pushing or forcing them into something they do not want. He enjoys watching sports, especially baseball and golf, and rooting on any Cleveland team.

John Campbell
Sales Advisor

From Greenville, SC, John has been with Yark Automotive since 2017. In his role at Yark, he enjoys interacting with his coworkers. He loves golfing, cars, tattoos, and cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers. His favorite car is his 75th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Jeff Mathes
Sales Advisor

From Findlay, OH, Jeff has been with Yark Automotive since 2021 and previously worked for Kistler since 2005. Jeff has worked in the auto industry for over 35 years. He is a big Minnesota Vikings fan and his favorite car is the Chevy Corvette.

Robert Spearman
Inventory Advisor

Deon Valentine
Sales Advisor

From Toledo, OH, Deon enjoys helping people get the most out of their vehicle purchase and knows that good customer service is key. He is a Deacon at his Church and a Youth Mentor Coach. He loves to travel and root on his favorite teams the Steelers and Buckeyes.



Nolan Culver
Finance Director

From Sylvania, OH, Nolan has been with Yark Automotive since 2018. Before his current role, he worked as an intern at a marketing firm and also detailed cars for a few years. Nolan's favorite part of his position is helping to solve customers needs and concerns. A few of his favorite things to do are playing golf and hockey, as well as spending time with his family and friends. When it comes to cars, Nolan's favorite is the Nissan GTR.

Paige Dennie
Finance Manager

From Perrysburg, OH, Paige has been with Yark Automotive since 2021. Her first job was working concessions at a baseball park and growing up she wanted to be a veterinarian. Paige chose the car business because she loves people! She wanted the opportunity to make an impact. Her hobbies and interests include cooking, traveling, Michigan sports (Go Blue) and spending time with her husband. Her friends would describe her as driven, outgoing and charismatic. Her favorite car is the 1969 Chevelle and her guilty pleasure is watching re-runs of "How I Met Your Mother."



Craig Compton
Service Advisor

From Swanton, OH, Craig enjoys being a service advisor and working in the dealership atmosphere. He loves spending time with his family and watching football. Craig's favorite car is the 1970 Cuda.

Cody Hyden
Service Advisor

From Toledo, OH, Cody has been with Yark Automotive since 2021 and previously worked for Kistler since 2011. Cody has a daughter and a dog. His first job was working as a cook. He chose his current position because he likes working with the public. He enjoys rooting on his favorite teams the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Red Wings. Three words his friends would use to describe him would be funny, dedicated and loyal.

Bill Zuccarell
Service Advisor

From Toledo, OH, Bill enjoys working for a great company. In his spare time, Bills hobbies include cars and racing. His favorite vehicle is anything that has horsepower.

Kailey Herzig
Service Advisor

From Waterville, OH, Kailey likes interacting with customers and helping them with their second largest purchase. When Kailey is not working she loves to plan events for family and friends. She really enjoys spending time with her children. A fun fact about Kailey is that she was born in Hawaii and is part Hawaiian! Her favorite vehicles are the Ford F-150 and Jeep Grand Cherokee in White.


Service Support

Desiree Anderson
Service Support-Cashier

MJ Lompis
Service Support

Dee Russell
Appointment Coordinator

From Northwood, OH, Dee has been with Yark Automotive since 2021 and will do anything in her power to ensure a great customer experience for everyone. Dee has 1 son, Zachary, and 3 dogs, Brody, Quinn and Zibby. Before working at our dealership she worked interior design for over 20 years. She is an avid fan of Notre Dame, the Fighting Irish and loves to paint. Her favorite car is the Buick (vroom, vroom). Her friends would describe her as a fun-sized firecracker with determination. Her guilty pleasure is shopping on Amazon. Growing up Dee wanted to be an Oceanographer.



Terry Keeler
Parts Advisor

Rob Lockmiller
Parts Advisor

From Lambertville, MI, Rob has been with Yark Automotive since 2021. Rob has 2 children, twins (boy and girl) and 2 dogs. His first job was working as a stocker at Independent Dairy. He enjoys rooting on the Michigan Wolverines and his favorite car is the 1967 Ford Mustang. 

Todd Mominee
Parts Counter Advisor

JR Strawbridge
Parts Advisor

From Toledo, OH, JR has been with Yark Automotive since 2021 and previously worked for Kistler since 1999. His first job was working as a pizza delivery guy and growing up wanted to be a lawyer. He chose his current field because has been interested in cars since he was young. He likes sports cars and keeping up with current events. Three words JR's friends would use to describe him is funny, sarcastic and not punctual. His guilty pleasure is ice cream.


Body Shop

Tylre Maenle

From Erie, MI, Tylre has been with Yark Automotive since 2021. He has 2 dogs named Betty and Penny. He enjoys helping customers take care of their vehicles. In his spare time, Tylre enjoys off-roading and working on Jeeps with his dad. His favorite vehicle is the Jeep Wrangler / Rally Fighter and loves that he can take his Jeep anywhere in any weather. His guilty pleasure is playing video games and growing up wanted to be a video game designer. Three words his friends would use to describe him are happy, funny and nice. 

Jeremy Mierzwiak

Lori Kaminski
Body Shop Administrator

Renee Millington
Body Shop Administrator

Jason Tipton
Parts Advisor