New Hybrid and Electric for Sale

New Ford Hybrid and EV Inventory in Toledo

It's almost 2024, and do you know where most car manufacturers are headed? They are going directly into the EV and hybrid market just as fast as their competitors can. Ford is no exception, and they are bringing out several vehicles for their hybrid and EV lines designed for Holland, OH. If you're interested in seeing any of the following vehicles up close, contact us to see what Yark Ford has near Berkey.

Yark Ford Toledo OH


Taking all the power and looks of this Ford sports/muscle car and turning it into an electric car is no small feat. Ford wanted to make sure it would still drive like a Mustang but have the power and features Mustang aficionados are used to driving in Metamora.

While it was supposed to debut at the end of 2022, it became apparent that the Mach-E wasn't quite ready until this year's releases. With the popularity of Mustang cars and the nine trim models offered on the electric version, you can bet we'll have at least one on our lot before Thanksgiving.


Full hybrid truck by Ford, the Maverick is a compact truck. Smaller than the F150 but delivering plenty of power on its hybrid engine, anyone who doesn't want to go completely electric or drive a big truck can opt for the Maverick. Not much has changed on the Maverick since last year, but it's worth an honorable mention here.

Yark Ford Toledo OH
Yark Ford Toledo OH


It's the F150, but fully electric. Perhaps the most fascinating feature is that the truck itself doubles as a generator for your home when your home's lights go out. The F150 Lightning debuted last year, and not much has changed on this truck. However, it is increasing in popularity because of rising gas prices and the resistance to paying a lot of money to drive a truck. We should have several of last year's models and some of this year's models coming onto the lot soon. Please call ahead to see what's available.


Plug this hybrid in two ways and reach full charge in about 40 minutes. It's the only hybrid SUV by Ford, although more makes are expected to be produced in the next six years. This particular Plug-in Hybrid SUV comes in six trim models so that we may have a few in our inventory at any one time.

Yark Ford Toledo OH
Yark Ford Toledo OH


Need a commercial electric vehicle? Ford produces the E-Transit van for commercial use. It's not something we typically have in our inventory, but it is possible to acquire if that's what you're looking for. Just give us a call to arrange a viewing or test drive.



Ford's lineup of electric and hybrid vehicles doesn't make just one trim model for each. The company understands that people want to drive something unique and different from everyone else. They create multiple trim levels for every passenger vehicle and truck in the electric and hybrid lines. If there's a trim level of a particular model you want to see, ask us. If it isn't in our current inventory, we can help you build it or find it and bring it to our lot for you to see.

Financing and leasing are all possible on EVs and hybrids. If you try driving them and decide you don't like them, we can trade them back for something else. However, if you decide to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle, there are a lot of nice tax breaks and incentives for making the leap to electric. Let us show you one of these vehicles and the breaks you can get if you buy it.